Hida Katsui

A bushi living with tough decisions on both sides of the Kaiu wall.


Katsui stands tall and proud as a true Hida bushi. However, years of battle both at home and on the wall have taken their toll on him, taking from him both an eye and the visage of youth, his hairs already starting to gray. Furthermore, his good eye is surrounded by the telltale markings of exhaustion. However, Katsui still does not look like one that one wants to start a fight with. He is large and bulky and has the focus of one who has already seen his share of blood and death and has lived to tell the tale.


Katsui is a man paying for the naiveté of his youth, even though he is not yet old. Married to the lovely Hiruma Mei shortly after his genpukku, the two of them had dreams of fighting and dying together on the Wall. But they were more successful than they expected, and after a few years went by, their Daimyo expected their glorious victories to be celebrated in a family line. One of them would have to stay home and tend the house, and it was chosen that young Mei-chan would stay. She has not forgiven her husband, and his days are spent in long term missions on the wall. Those are often few and far between in the Wastelands, but a long time there is better for Katsui than returning to his hostile home…

Katsui’s home life has become even more of a powder keg with the announcement by his wife that she is marrying off their son to a weak Phoenix courtier in the north, no place for a strong Hida warrior. This could not be allowed to happen. With the assistance of the local Yasuke, Hoto, and an unexpected chance offered up by the young Crane Daidoji Gunji, Katsui hatches a plan to save his son’s honor and glory…

Katsui has tried to contrast the chaos of his home life by trying to keep his second home, Razor of the Dawn, more harmonious. This harmony, however, was almost ripped asunder after the discovery of his Taisha’s sister as a Mahou-tsuki and her kidnapping and corrupting of the local eta. With morale at an all time low, his childhood friend, Tanahashi, lost in the bottle, and his Taisha prepared to throw away his emotions to become a Deadeye, he had no choice but to take on the mantle to save his regiment. Taking on extra watch duties, sobering up Tanahashi, and racing against time to save the soul of Hiroshi-taisha, however, took their toll on the samurai and weakened him in their upcoming battle against the the Oni outside the Wall. This weakness almost took from him, his niece Mokolo; a mistake he would never forgive himself for, and one that he has willfully learned from.

Now, Katsui searches for balance both at Razor of the Dawn, but also within himself. But with the forces of darkness moving in all around, will he be able to find that balance…

Hida Katsui

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