• Akodo Nakanori

    Akodo Nakanori

    The son of the slain Nakanado, Nakanori has all of his father's passion and none of his discipline issues.
  • Daidoji Masato

    Daidoji Masato

    The Son of Daidoji Noratai, Masato is a courtier known for his ruthless tongue and "scorched earth" style of politics.
  • Daidoji Norotai

    Daidoji Norotai

    The family Magistrate for the Daidoji, he is ruthlessly dedicated to elminating corruption within the Crane Clan as a whole.
  • Doji Narami

    Doji Narami

    Masami is the hostess of the courts of Kosaten Shiro.
  • Ide Hakotori

    Ide Hakotori

    A Unicorn Courtier whose pillow books are well reknowned for their subtle layers of disdain.
  • Moshi Quen Xang

    Moshi Quen Xang

    The shugenja support for the Mantis entrouarge, Quen Xang is as serene and peaceful as any Asahina.
  • The Yokota Boys

    The Yokota Boys

    Three Asahina shugenja washouts who have found themselves better courtiers. They can be somewhat cruel and embody many negative traits of the Crane.
  • Tsuruchi Wanaru

    Tsuruchi Wanaru

    A Bushi sent with the Mantis party to Kosaten Shiro, Wanaru says little and does less, surrounded a stoic mystery the Scorpion even have difficulty penetrating. He is a stern counterpart to his brash Lord Yoritomo.
  • Xiao Bio

    Xiao Bio

    This is the infamous Pimptastic Ronin
  • Yogo Minori

    Yogo Minori

    The daughter of Yogo Osori, she is a courtier of the Bayushi school who shares his disdain for the Lion but has less Crane allies.
  • Yogo Natsuki

    Yogo Natsuki

    A shugenja spending her winter in Kosten Shiro to answer crimes of dark magick by the Scorpion.
  • Yoritomo Kaina

    Yoritomo Kaina

    Kaina has been sent to protect the interests of Mantis Clan, as the last Winter Court here the Crane and Scorpion hatched some deals against them.