Two Sword Legends

Sword,Scroll, Pen and Fan: Episode 1


The Lion and Crane alliance is on tenuous ground, and some tense negotiations are set to take place. The Daidoji of Kosaten Shiro have called in their Doji allies to assist, and hopefully trap the Lion into staying as guests for the winter so as to negotiate in their favour over the Winter Court. A young Doji Saito, accompanied by his yojimbo Daidoji Mutoh, make a stir immediately upon arrival. It appears that Mutoh and resident shugenja Daidoji Nakano have a long history with one another, and the Lion’s omadaisiu Ikoma Katuan has some sort of history with Doji Saito himself.

The arrivals and introductions were cut short however, when resident Scorpion Yogo Minuru informs them of an early visit from the Mantis. This appears to be a ruse by a band of ronin and bandits, who Ikoma and Mutoh dispatch in terrifying fashion. Ikoma lets the ronin leader live, but only after shamefully cutting his personal kanji on his face. Questions now remain…how much did Yogo Minuru know?



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