Two Sword Legends

Dead Flowers And Fresh Piss: Episode 2

The First Expedition

After some startling news from home for both Gunji and Katsui, Yasuke Hoto offers to assist both of them with their familial problems so they may focus on the wall. With the Crane sending a mei-an to arrange Gunjis marriage and Katsui’s sons future in jepoardy, these were services well needed.

Their journey into the Wastelands to investigate some missing eta turned out as dire as can often be expected in the Crab lands. The Eta had become tainted, and the source was revealed… not the mere presence of the Shadowlands, but from the efforts of maho-tsukai Chuda Hiroshi, the apprent sister of Chui Hiruma Hiroshi. The regiment fought the eta valiently, although Gunji worked diligently to avoid killing his fellow man. When Hiroshi finally came to his senses, it was made clear to Gunji that that was not an option. The regiment returned to the Wall victorious, but not with a victory that filled them with hope….



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